Joining Us

as a regular member or on a temporary basis

Regular Members

We’re always looking for regular members.

If you play a brass instrument, if you are at least 15 years old and if you not only want to play along but also want to have a say in the band, you can join us as a regular member after one year of candidate membership.

«I am happy to be in the band, because we get along well. Your background doesn’t really matter, we’re accepting ourselves the way we are.»

«I’m in the band because I am meeting friends of my age and we’re always having lot of fun, particularly at the events.»

«The music if offering a much-welcomed change from my job which is rather abstract. Also, I find the social contacts very enriching.»


«Why I am member? Having fun playing, a change from the daily chores and the camaraderie. I really appreciate our team spirit, for me it’s almost a second family.» 

Playing with us on a temporary basis

We’re happy to welcome each year again players who are joining us temporarily.

If you are reluctant to commit to the band for a longer period, you may play with us just for specific events.Depending on the part, your abilities and the event, we expect that you attend rehearsals for several weeks or months before an event.

«I moved to Füllinsdorf recently and have a busy schedule filled with business trips that precludes me from attending regularly. I am happy that nonetheless I am welcome at the BBMGF even if at times I am absent for several weeks or months. All the more I enjoy the periods when I can play with them.»

«I am helping out in the band regularly. It’s fun playing with them without having further obligations or commitments»

«With many of the other players I played in other bands previously. Playing with the BBMGF once in a while is nice way of refreshing old friendships»

Non-Playing Members

We are particularly obliged to our non-playing members. It is not only the financial support that matters to us, but also the goodwill that we face.

We are pleased that among our non-playing members we find many regular listeners, friends of our members, previous member and also parents of the players in the junior bands.

The secret to happiness is helping others. Therefore, why not supporting us as a non-playing member? With as little as 15 CHF annually you can make a meaningful contribution to a band that provides cohesion to our society.
At the same time, you’ll receive printed invitations and programmes for our concerts.

Joining Us

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